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AusPen White board markers

Did you know that 40 million white board markers end up in landfills each year, and that’s just in Australia! Having been a consultant for over 17 years I can attest that white board markers were constantly being discarded into the trash at the agency I worked for because they would dry up so quickly. So think about all the agencies, businesses, and schools that use white board markers each year and you can only imagine the waste (not to mention the toxic fumes generated from Xylene-Stop sniffing the markers already!) ending up in our landfills and oceans each year.

Well, there is now an alternative which is eco-friendly, non-toxic, comes in more colors and better yet will save you money. Introducing, the Auspen white board marker! They are
made from recycled ink cartridges and are recyclable. They do not contain toxic chemicals, they are refillable and you can also buy replacement nibs. They have added some brighter colors to the mix like orange and purple and the company strives for low impact manufacturing. So what are you waiting for? Purchase yours today directly from AusPen or contact your office manager to help your company make the switch. In the end, having refillable markers will not only keep toxic plastics out of our landfills and oceans but in case you missed it earlier will save you money too up to 70%! Want more info? Check out the About Us page at AusPen. I love this solution!

Noah WIlson-Rich of Best BeesThank you so very much for your time and advice today. You are terrific! I received the information that I hoped for, and so much more. I will continue to refer your services relentlessly!

Noah Wilson-Rich
Best Bees

A Full Page Spread in Cape Cod Magazine!-Stony Brook Design

January 29, 2012
Stonybrook Designs Cape Cod Magazine Spread

It is always nice when good things happen to great people. Congratulations to my friend Amy Mason owner of Stony Brook Design on her full page spread in the January/February edition of Cape Cod Magazine featuring some of her original “punny” cards. Visit Amy at her shop in Brewster on Cape Cod or visit her […]

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Sharing Successes-Congratulation to Kusum on the launch of club Hatch!

screen shot of January 12, 2012

Kusum Thummalapallii is such a fabulous example of what happens when smart, creative, innovative people take what they are passionate about and then combine it with a purposeful mission. A really “GOOD” business is born! Congratulations to Kusum on the launch of club Hatch! club Hatch is a learning-through-play program that complements the Indian school […]

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Success to Significance

November 23, 2011

On Wednesday, November 16th I had the pleasure of giving a presentation called “Success to Significance” to a Fabulous group of professional women for a meeting themed “Giving Thanks and Giving Back” We had a wonderful night and great conversation. Here are a few key things I covered in the presentation. 3 Questions to turn […]

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Introducing The Good Paisley Success (GPS) Program

September 13, 2011
Thumbnail image for Introducing The Good Paisley Success (GPS) Program

Just in time to kick off your 2012 business planning is the launch of The Good Paisley Success (GPS) Program. This program is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level and would like their own unique road map to take them there. Planning your strategies can be daunting […]

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What’s Good! Thirsty Clocks Run on Water Just Like You Do

July 19, 2011
Thumbnail image for What’s Good! Thirsty Clocks Run on Water Just Like You Do

I’ve been looking for a new alarm clock because mine met with a tragic end, knocked off my crowded night stand by one too many books. Normally this is the kind of thing I’d run to the store and pick up without much thought, but I remembered reading a magazine blurb recently about the Bedol […]

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What’s Good! Saving Paper With Stylish Chalkboard Wall Calendars

July 19, 2011
Thumbnail image for What’s Good! Saving Paper With Stylish Chalkboard Wall Calendars

I am always on the lookout for products to use during the work day that are eco-friendly, stylish and useful. Even though I had made many changes in my personal life, I noticed that there was still much room for improvement at the office and decided to make a conscious effort to make my work […]

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What’s Good! No Breaks While On The Go With Glass

July 14, 2011

You know how it sometimes seems like a thing keeps randomly popping up in your life? For me, that thing is bamboo. Last week, we talked about bamboo flooring, and this week, I want to share with you this awesome bamboo water bottle. Its sleek, clean, and modern design is definitely part of the attraction, […]

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What’s Good! Beauty Underfoot, Sustainable Flooring Options

June 30, 2011

We’re in the process of renovating our house, and as with a lot of older homes, one of the areas that needs the most work is the kitchen. Since we’re essentially gutting it right now (a scary and exciting process!), I’ve been on the lookout for environmentally friendly flooring options. Luckily, one day while flipping […]

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