A Good Solution-Budget Friendly Design Resources

by kim on January 4, 2011

99Designs and CrowdSpring
Agency fees can be quite steep when you are in start up mode and trying to stretch every dollar. You of course want a fabulous logo, web site design, business cards and marketing collateral but when you add it all up it can run you thousands of dollars. It can also feel risky when an agency tells you that they will provide you with 1-3 options to choose from and you are thinking what if I don’t like any of them? Here are a couple of web sites worth checking out that offer budget friendly and low risk solutions:

99 Designs: www.99designs.com

crowdSPRING: www.crowdspring.com

You can get a logo for $200-$300+, or a web site design (1-5 pages) for $500 to $1,500+ (See each site for options and pricing) One great advantage is you get to provide feedback along the way and all the designers can read the feedback and adjust their design and submissions accordingly. Having been a creative director at an agency one thing that I really like about these solutions is that your submissions will come from a variety of designers with different styles not just one or two designers who have been assigned to your project. This format works so well that even agencies are leveraging these resources to gather ideas.

It basically works like this:

  1. Write a create brief/description about your project
  2. Determine your prize-How much you want to pay (see pricing options on both sites and yes, the more you pay the more submissions you are likely to get)
  3. Set a time line for your contest and submit your project to a large field of designers
  4. Receive submissions and provide immediate feedback
  5. Select the winner
  6. Pay for your design

One more thing I should add is that the Good Paisley logo was created using 99Designs and I received approximately 80+ submissions for a $250-$300 logo. I also have a friend who runs a popular food blog who used crowdSpring to create the logo for her brand with similar success.

If you are considering using either of these services feel free to reach out for additional tips or information about my experience.